ADOMANI® RE-Power Systems

ADOMANI Re-Power Electric Drivetrain School Bus

ADOMANI performs re-powering services for fleet owner/operators that prefer to have their fleets converted from internal combustion engines (ICE’s) to all-electric drivetrains Powered by ADOMANI. The re-power process includes the removal of the ICE components that include the engine, transmission, fuel tank and fuel lines, exhaust system, belt driven air compressor, and the belt drive air conditioning compressor.

OEM components retained on the re-power include the OEM brake system, axles, air lines, radiator, surge tank, 12-volt battery, and associated fuses and relays.

The new components added to the re-power include the following:

  • Electric air compressor
  • Hydro-Electric power steering motor
  • Electric heater
  • Electric A/C Compressor
  • Electric motor and Inverter
  • BMS
  • Vehicle control unit
  • DC/DC converter
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Onboard AC or direct DC charging available
  • Battery MSD and 12-volt cut-off switch
  • Telematics for GPS tracking
  • GEO fencing and online system management
  • Updated dash gauges for monitoring low and high voltage
  • SOC
  • Range and complete EV drivetrain system during operation

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