Environmental Impact of Fossil Fuels

The world is a complex environment. With over 7.5 billion people on this planet, you can imagine the amount of energy consumed to move people across the city, state, country, and globe. The cost of moving people and doing business in the modern world sometimes comes at a cost to the environment. The costs associated with drilling for fossil-fueled energy that powers internal combustion engines is well documented. The destruction of our environment includes land erosion and destruction of wildlife habitats, toxic groundwater due to fracking, oil spills, death to sea and wildlife, and the toxic air we breathe.

ADOMANI’s Contribution to a Healthier Environment

solar panel EV Charging Station ADOMANIWe are ADOMANI and we are dedicated to doing the right thing for the environment by doing our part in helping reduce environmental destruction, greenhouse gases that lead to global warming, and helping reduce toxic air through the use of zero-emissions use electric commercial vehicles.

We understand that not all electric energy is created equal, but by implementing commercial electric vehicles, we can begin to help heal our planet. Where possible, we encourage the use of renewable, clean electricity to run electric commercial vehicles. Energy from solar, wind or hydroelectric generation are all acceptable, renewable energy sources that help reduce CO2 emissions that increase greenhouse gases and help keep our environment safe and healthy.