Fossil Fuel Impact on Communities

image of Los Angeles Smog ADOMANI

Particulate matter and other toxic air swirls around the Los Angeles, California skyline.

There is no surprise that pollution is a leading cause of death in most parts of the planet. There are an estimated 9 million pollution-related deaths annually with the United States being amongst the top ten countries with high pollution-related deaths.

Consequently, disadvantaged neighborhoods in the United States suffer more significant health issues as a result of particulate matter (PM2.5 — a mixture of emissions from diesel engines, power plants, refineries, and other combustion sources). These neighborhoods suffer health risks linked to asthma, cardiovascular problems, and cancer due to their location near factories and highways where fossil fuels vehicles travel.

Additionally, burning fossil fuels has additional community impacts to water and food supply as well as helping drive up the cost of health care in communities where CO2 gasses from combustion are higher, according to a 2018 study published in the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.

How ADOMANI® Helps Communities

Kids Playing in Clean Air ADOMANI

With zero-emissions vehicles, children can be outdoors without suffering health risks caused by fossil fuels.

ADOMANI® is committed to doing their part in helping communities breath healthier air by providing clean, zero-emission commercial trucks and buses to school districts and public and private businesses. ADOMANI® believes that the future of transportation belongs to sustainable, clean energy that helps reduce dangerous emissions from internal combustion engines operating on diesel, gas, propane, and CNG.

ADOMANI® works with local, state, and national municipalities, school districts, and clean air organizations to help bring the all-electric vehicle technology to communities all across the United States. Some states, such as California, offer increased incentives to purchase zero-emissions vehicles for school districts and businesses operating in disadvantaged communities. For more information on buying incentives, purchasing an electric bus or truck, or technical questions, contact ADOMANI®.