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ADOMANI® Zero-Emission All-Electric Commercial Vehicles


All-Electric-Delivery Box Truck by ADOMANIAirborne nitrogen pollution from fossil-fuels affects the quality of the air we breathe, the land on which we grow our food, and the water we drink. A primary source of nitrogen pollution is fossil-fueled cars and trucks. The excess nitrogen from these vehicles also contributes to increased greenhouse gas that leads to global warming concerns.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that businesses work to reduce their vehicle greenhouse gases (GHG) by managing their emissions through the reduction of, and/or elimination of, fossil fueled vehicles.

ADOMANI offers businesses and schools zero-emission commercial trucks, chassis, and vans that help businesses and schools meet their GHG emissions reduction requirements. Additionally, ADOMANI commercial electric vehicles offer more than clean running vehicles; they help business owners and school district officials save money on operating the vehicles over the lifetime of their electric trucks and vans. The total cost of ownership on all-electric trucks is far less than operating comparable internal combustion engine (ICE) trucks that run on fossil fuels.

To learn more about how zero-emission electric trucks, chassis, and vans can save your business money, contact ADOMANI today.

All-Electric Box Trucks by ADOMANI

ADOMANI Electric Cab and Chassis Truck

The ADOMANI all-electric box delivery trucks are purpose-built from the ground up as electric vehicles, unlike the competing zero-emission trucks that use electric components fitted into gutted ICE chassis. Being “born” as an all-electric vehicle means that all parts work synergistically to deliver an efficient system that helps reduce mechanical errors and downtime, helping save business owners lost revenues due to non-operating vehicles.

With a range of up to 170 miles on a single charge, the ADOMANI all-electric truck is ideal for the urban commercial delivery and last-mile logistics business, and for school districts operating within city limits where short haul distances before charging are required. Additionally, the electric trucks pack an impressive set of features that rival their ICE counterparts at a fraction of the total cost of ownership for the zero-emission truck owner. The purpose-built electric truck is easily configurable to meet the stringent demands of any application.

To learn more about how the ADOMANI all-electric truck can benefit your business and bottom-line or for funding options, contact ADOMANI.

  • Available in Class 3 to 7 trucks

  • Up to 170 Miles on a single charge

  • Qualifies for funding and grants

  • ABS with Regenerative Braking System

All-Electric Cab and Chassis by ADOMANI

all-electric cutaway truck chassis by adomani

The ADOMANI all-electric cab and chassis are purpose-built from the ground up as electric vehicles and specifically designed and customizable to accommodate a variety of business applications that include:

  • Agriculture
  • Utility Services
  • Flatbed Services
  • Sweeper Services
  • Airport Transport
  • Water Tanks
  • Corporate Shuttle
  • Hospitality Shuttle
  • Maintenance Service
  • Airport Food Delivery
  • Transit Shuttle
  • Electric Utility

The purpose-built electric truck is easily configurable to meet the stringent demands of any application that requires dependable operations while saving costs on fuel and maintenance. Additionally, cutaway versions are available for passenger shuttle buses as well.

To learn more about ADOMANI electric vehicle products, contact ADOMANI.

  • Available in Class 3 to 7 cab and chassis

  • Up to 170 miles on a single charge.

  • Qualifies for funding and grants.

All-Electric Logistic Vans by ADOMANI

all-electric logistic van powered by adomani

The ADOMANI all-electric logistics van is a purpose-built zero-emission vehicle built from the ground up and specifically designed for businesses with local delivery needs and last-mile logistic companies.

The electric van is available in both a low and high ceiling configuration with an overall length of 235 inches. With total peak power of 180 horsepower and a range before charging of up to 170 miles, the zero-emission van is a superior strategy for businesses looking to save on the total cost of vehicle ownership while increasing their bottom-line.

To learn more about the all-electric logistics van and other ADOMANI electric vehicle products, contact ADOMANI.

  • Up to 170 Miles on a single charge

  • 11,023 GVWR (Class 3)

  • May qualify for funding and grants (check funding map below)

  • Peak power: 180 hp

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