Providing healthier air for all while reducing dependency on fossil fuels.

ADOMANI® designs and causes to be designed advanced zero-emission electric and hybrid drivetrain systems for integration in new school buses and medium to heavy-duty commercial fleet vehicles. We also design and cause to be designed re-power conversion kits to replace conventional drivetrain systems for combustion powered vehicles with zero-emission electric or hybrid drivetrain systems. We expect to expand our product offerings to include the sale of zero-emission systems in vehicles manufactured by outside, original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) partners located in China, Malaysia, and the Philippines, that can be marketed, sold, warrantied and serviced through our developing distribution and service network.

Our drivetrain systems can include options for telemetrics for remote monitoring, electric power-export and various levels of grid-connectivity. Our zero-emission systems may also grow to include automated charging infrastructure and “intelligent” stationary energy storage that enables fast vehicle charging, emergency back-up facility power, and access to the developing, grid-connected opportunities for the aggregate power available from groups of large battery packs.

In addition to providing the zero-emission electric and hybrid drivetrain systems and re-power conversion kits mentioned above, we are also a provider of new zero-emission electric and hybrid vehicles focused on the total cost of ownership. Our drivetrain systems and vehicles are designed to help fleet operators unlock the benefits of green technology and address the challenges of local, state and federal regulatory compliance and traditional-fuel price cost instability, in addition to the health benefits that are a benefit of this technology.

Founded in 2012, ADOMANI began building prototypes of electric re-power drivetrain systems for light-duty commercial vehicles as well as America’s best selling truck, the Ford F-Series. The ADOMANI team was interested in helping customers reduce their dependence on fossil fuels while reducing their total cost of ownership.

After their successful conversion of internal combustion engines (ICEs) to all-electric vehicles, Team ADOMANI set its goals higher, turning toward helping reduce toxic pollutants for America’s most vulnerable citizens, school children. ADOMANI entered the all-electric school bus market and in 2013, they successfully converted two ALL-American RE Type D Blue Bird school buses from ICE-powered buses to zero-emission all-electric school buses powered by an ADOMANI all-electric drivetrain system.

This gained the attention of several school bus OEM’s. In mid-2017, ADOMANI delivered to Blue Bird a new zero-emission all-electric ADOMANI drivetrain system that was installed in an All American RE Type D chassis on which the first new all-electric Type D body was installed.  Blue Bird’s experience with this bus led to signing an exclusive agreement with ADOMANI in September 2017 to supply Blue Bird with zero-emission, all-electric drivetrains for the production of all its Type C Vision and RE Type D All-American electric school buses.

Because of ADOMANI’s lead in the all-electric school bus market, a greater awareness developed regarding the need to help reduce toxic pollutants and provide cleaner air health benefits to the children, drivers, mechanics, and communities where the electric school buses operate. Additionally, other major school bus OEM’s have joined ADOMANI and Blue Bird in offering zero-emission drivetrain options for school buses.

As a result of its success in the all-electric school bus drivetrain market, ADOMANI has increased its focus to the electrification of internal combustion engine (ICE) commercial passenger, commerce, and last-mile logistics fleet vehicles that produce significantly more pollutants because there are many more of them than school buses and because of much higher average daily miles driven by these vehicles. ADOMANI’s goal is to help businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their ICE fleet vehicles and to lower their total cost of ownership, which is why ADOMANI introduced in 2018 their zero-emission, all-electric commercial vehicle line-up. These vehicles include the zero-emission class 3 to 7 trucks, cab and chassis, and cutaways. Additionally, they introduced a low and high ceiling logistics van. ADOMANI will assist its customers with accessing all available federal, state, and local funding sources to achieve this goal

ADOMANI is dedicated to developing and delivering quality zero-emission, all-electric solutions that provide healthier air for all while reducing dependency on fossil fuels.

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