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ADOMANI® and San Diego Energy District to Promote Clean Electricity Future

CORONA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 17, 2020 / ADOMANI, Inc. (OTCQB: ADOM),

a provider of new zero-emission, purpose-built electric vehicles and drivetrain solutions, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic alliance with the San Diego Energy District (SDED) in order to accelerate the realization of a clean energy economy. SDED’s mission is to move toward a clean energy economy through achieving 100% renewable, locally-generated electricity throughout California, initially focusing on the San Diego and Southern California areas. SDED and ADOMANI also intend to evaluate sponsorships, zero-emission vehicle demonstrations, pilot deployments and other collaborative opportunities. A goal of the alliance is for SDED to provide direct introductions to forward-thinking, environmentally conscious businesses that utilize commercial fleet vehicles in their operations that could be replaced with ADOMANI zero-emission electric alternatives, and build brand awareness in the global green community SDED serves and advises. ADOMANI will provide vehicles in person or via video conferencing for events and demonstrations in California communities where SDED identifies opportunities.

“This is an exciting development for ADOMANI, as we believe we can help SDED meet their goals by getting our cutting-edge, technologically-advanced zero-emission all-electric products in service through their introductions and branding assistance, while benefiting our stockholders as well” said Jim Reynolds, President and CEO of ADOMANI. “In addition, we will help fleets that want to lower their TCO (total costs of ownership) and related operating costs.”

“The decision of the California Air Resources Board to accelerate the adoption of electric commercial vehicles implies that commercial vehicle operators should become knowledgeable of the choices available to them like ADOMANI” stated Lane Sharman, Executive Director of the San Diego Energy District. “We intend through our webinars, conferences and pilots to demonstrate that ADOMANI is an electric vehicle supply choice that every buyer should consider in order to make an informed decision.”


ADOMANI, Inc. is a provider of new zero-emission electric vehicles and is a provider of zero-emission electric drivetrain systems for integration in medium to heavy-duty commercial fleet vehicles, as well as re-power conversion kits for the replacement of drivetrain systems in combustion-powered vehicles. ADOMANI’s zero-emission electric vehicles are focused on reducing the total cost of vehicle ownership and help fleet operators unlock the benefits of green technology and address the challenges of traditional fuel price cost instability and local, state and federal environmental regulatory compliance. For more information visit

About San Diego Energy District

The San Diego Energy District exists to speed the 100% clean electricity future, primarily through creation of Community Choice energy programs, which they believe to be the quickest to implement and the most affordable means of achieving their goals. SDED believes that the current system of regulated monopoly utilities is outdated and is slow to respond to smart energy use and decentralized generation. They believe the optimal partnership is one between Community Choice, where people select the generation provider or source, and the utility, who still gets paid to operate the wires efficiently. For more information visit

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