Battery Electric Truck and Bus Estimated Annual Electrical Cost Calculator

There is plenty of ambiguity surrounding the cost to “fuel” an all-electric truck or bus. It’s easy to calculate fuel costs when using fossil fuels like gasoline, diesel, or propane. However, when trying to figure out the electrical costs for a battery electric truck, van, or bus there tends to be some confusion on these costs since utility rates differ from one utility company to the next across the US and the world for that matter. 

Thanks to the California Air Resources Board (CARB), there is a downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that will help fleet owners and small companies calculate an annual estimated electricity cost for battery electric truck and bus deployment at a given utility meter. Click here to download the Battery Electric Truck and Bus Charging Calculator. 

To make it easy to use, the calculator is pre-populated with a few utility rate schedules, charging strategies, and charging time periods. A user can either select from these pre-populated rates or add additional rate schedules, charging strategies, and charging periods as needed. 

While the cost estimates are for the entire electrical load at each meter using weekday utility rates and includes the monthly meter fee, there is a caveat, they do not include lower weekend rates nor local taxes and fees that are unique to a given customer.  

The pre-populated electricity rates are for “secondary voltage” which is the most common rate category.  We recommend that users read a summary of electricity rates to understand basic rate structures and terminology before using this tool.  

The tool addresses time-of-use rates or tiered electricity rates and will be updated periodically with new rate structures or schedules. Blue shaded cells are user input fields and are modifiable.

The “Rate Calculator” sheet can be used to estimate monthly charging cost for a wide range of daily mileage, fleet size, chargers, and utility rate schedules where the charging period and daily usage is constant each month.

The “Monthly Rate Calculator” sheet allows for estimating monthly variations throughout the year including changes in daily miles, charging periods, and vehicle energy usage.  This allows the user to account for seasonal variation in vehicle usage, heating and AC loads, or other scenarios. The results for each month can be expanded to see a detailed breakdown of the components of the monthly cost.

The “Data” sheet includes all pre-populated input values and allows for additional user inputs of utility rates, charging strategies, and charger ratings in blue shaded cells.

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