ADOMANI Operations and COVID-19 Update

Dear ADOMANI Customers and Shareholders

As we continue to combat COVID-19, we want our customers, vendors, and shareholders to know that we remain 100% committed to our continued progress in serving your needs. On April 7th, we reported that the ADOMANI team has re-invented their workplace and set up new systems that allow us to fulfill our obligations remotely. We continue to serve our customers both remotely and from our locations in Southern and Northern California, and Arizona. 

Our sales and support staff continue to work with customers and continue to make contact with new prospects while following the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 best practices. Our saving grace in this modern era is that technology enables us to continue to thrive amidst uncertainty. Should you need to contact an ADOMANI team member, you may do so via phone, our contact page on our website, or via our Facebook page.

We want to thank you, our valued customers, shareholders, vendors, and partners for your continued support, especially during these challenging times. While we all need to keep physical distance, social connection is more important now than ever. That connection between us all is what keeps us strong. Through the support of one another, we will all make it through this pandemic.  



Jim Reynolds






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