Agriculture Can Benefit from Zero-Emission Trucks: ADOMANI Heads to San Joaquin Valley for Demo

ADOMANI Demos EV Trucks and Vans for Essential Service Companies Amid COVID-19 from New England to California’s San Joaquin Valley

Working tirelessly while following the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines, the ADOMANI team is working to strategically move their all-electric, zero-emission trucks and vans across the country. Their mission is to meet with prospective essential services customers and fulfill their demo schedules.

The latest demo took the ADOMANI team to California’s San Joaquin Valley. Their California demo came after visits in Ohio with the Clean Cities Coalition and utility companies in Vermont, where they demoed commercial EV trucks. In California, the ADOMANI team visited San Joaquin Valley’s rich agricultural region, where they met and demoed the all-electric, zero-emission cab and chassis class-4 truck.

The Advantage of Commercial Electric Vehicles in San Joaquin Valley’s Agricultural Region

The San Joaquin Valley in California is vital to agriculture in the US, producing almost 13% of total US agricultural products. “When you think of electric vehicles, the first thought that comes to mind is a Tesla or Nissan Leaf driving in the city,” said Doug Lollar, Sales Director for ADOMANI. “People are not thinking about commercial EV trucks on a farm, it’s more like gas or diesel-powered tractors and class-8 diesel trucks that come to mind,” Lollar stated.

Image of powered by ADOMANI all-electric class 4 truck in San Joaquin Valley Air District Agriculture RegionAgriculture can be one of the biggest beneficiaries of electric vehicles. It’s due to the environmental impact that air pollutants, mainly from particulate matter (PM) produced by vehicles, have on agricultural products. PM from vehicles is one of the most common air pollutants that affect crops. The toxins may result in dead leaf tissue, poor product yield, or with extreme cases, the agricultural plants die. It is not to say that PM is the sole toxin that causes damage, but that it is a frequent contributor to the health of crops.   

“Unfortunately, many farms are slow to act when it comes to EV adoption,” stated Lollar. “We are working closely with several major farms in the San Joaquin Valley to help them understand the benefits of commercial EVs in agriculture,” Lollar continued. The fortunate part is that the farm owners that ADOMANI visited already operate several electric fleet vehicles and are in the process of evaluating more for their immediate needs. Specifically, they plan on using all-electric trucks to move agricultural products between farms. “The farm owners that I visited are knowledgable about benefits of owning and operating EV’s as well as the long-term savings on fuel and maintenance,” said Lollar.

While the cost of some commercial electric trucks may be prohibitive to farmers, programs in several states exist to help businesses offset the purchase price of the electric vehicle. Some grant funding incentives make buying an all-electric, zero-emission truck as affordable as a diesel engine truck. San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District is working to help businesses in the Central Valley purchase electric vehicles to replace older diesel vehicles.

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District Offers up to $80,000 in Grant Funding for Electric Trucks.

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District is offering up to an $80,000 grant funding for businesses within the air district’s boundaries. The $80,000 applies to companies wishing to purchase a class-4 or class-5 all-electric truck and scrap an existing, 2009, or older model diesel truck. Businesses that do not have older model-year trucks can still take advantage of the program.

“The air districts grant funding program is a win-win for farmers and other businesses within the Central Valley,” Lollar said. ADOMANI is one of the very few EV companies with available trucks and vans, ready for delivery, which is an advantage over the competition,” stated Lollar.

ADOMANI is committed to providing quality EV trucks and vans and service for their products throughout the United States. For more information on the San Joaquin Valley Truck Replacement Program, contact a representative from ADOMANI before grant funding runs out.


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