ADOMANI Operations and COVID-19: A Letter from CEO Jim Reynold's

Dear ADOMANI Customers and Shareholders,

As the World continues to combat COVID-19 and manage its impacts, all the staff at ADOMANI remain 100% committed to advancing our mission of providing healthier air for all while reducing dependency on fossil fuels through our all-electric line-up of EV vehicles. We are doing everything we can to be a part of the solution, including helping to recession-proof the innovation economy as best we can.  


Over the past three weeks, the ADOMANI team has re-invented their workplace and set up new systems that allow us to successfully fulfill our obligations remotely. Thank you for your patience and understanding during our transition to the new teleworking environment that will be in place until it is safe to resume normal operations. 


To minimize disruptions to our workflow during this time, we have implemented some new processes that will help us continue providing sales and support services to existing and potential customers. For sales, service, or to contact a specific team member, please use our websites contact page.


It is especially important in these challenging times that we find the best parts of the human spirit and come together to help one another in every way we can, particularly the most vulnerable among us, and that we reach out and connect with one another. While we all need to keep physical distance, social connection is more important now than ever. That connection between us all is what keeps us strong. Supporting one another is how our country and our society will make it through this.  Never forget that the USA is a resilient country. We have made it through tough times before and we will make it through this moment as well.




Jim Reynolds






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