ADOMANI(R) Signs Service Agreement with Central States Bus Sales, Inc.

As commercial EV ownership grows, the need for service and warranty centers increase; ADOMANI is taking proactive steps to build their service center network in the US

CORONA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2020 / ADOMANI, Inc. (OTCQB:ADOM), a provider of new zero-emission purpose-built electric vehicles and drivetrain solutions, announced today that it has recently signed an agreement with Central States Bus Sales Inc. (“Central States”) for warranty and maintenance services for the electric commercial fleet vehicles sold by ADOMANI within the extensive Central States service area.

As electric vehicle ownership increases in the US, the demand for service centers also increases. While manufacturers of EVs for consumers already have established dealer service centers, commercial EV firms, like ADOMANI, are growing their service network to manage the growing need for potential service and warranty requirements as commercial EV demand increases.

“The commercial electric vehicle market is gaining momentum in specific markets around the country and we are staying ahead of the demand for service by establishing relationships with service centers that already have qualified EV technicians on staff,” said Rick Eckert, COO for ADOMANI. “Having entered the EV market with the all-electric school bus drivetrain and having a strong relationship with Central States Bus Sales as a result of the all-electric school bus built by Blue Bird and powered by ADOMANI, we know that they are more than qualified to handle all of our EV service and warranty requests throughout the Central USA.”

Central States has been one of the nation’s largest dealers for school and commercial buses for 45 years. They sell and service a wide variety of bus manufacturers that include Blue Bird, ARBOC, Braun, Champion, Diamond, Eldorado, Mobility Trans, and StarCraft. Central States has locations in St. Louis, Missouri; Chicago, Illinois; Nashville, Tennessee; Lexington, Kentucky; and North Little Rock, Arkansas. Their full-service locations have the capability to perform bumper to bumper maintenance services and bodywork on commercial buses, trucks or vans and has a complete selection of parts inventory with quick delivery.

“ADOMANI is currently selling commercial vans and trucks. As we continue to grow our electric vehicle customer base across the US, we want to ensure our early adopters have the best possible experience with the operation of their new zero-emission electric ADOMANI vehicles,” said Jim Reynolds, CEO of ADOMANI. “That experience will include familiarity training for the customer’s vehicle operators and the existing service technicians so that they can handle most routine maintenance at their own facilities. Central States will be instrumental in the Midwest states they serve in providing the next step in additional and more complex ADOMANI vehicle services, as well as provide multiple locations where durability and replacement parts can be stocked and drawn from.”

Jeff Reitz, Central States’ CEO, commented, “We see more and more of our customers asking for information on electric vehicles as well as many of the manufacturers we represent who are either supplying or developing electric versions of their existing product line, and we want to make sure we are able to answer questions, service these vehicles and continue to be a resource for our customer base.”

Across the country, state and federal agencies, along with utility companies, clean air advocacy groups, and fleet owners are pushing for the adoption of zero-emission technology. To minimize downtime, ADOMANI is taking proactive steps to ensure that a service network is in place as commercial EV adoption increases.


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