ADOMANI® Presents Benefits of its Zero-Emission Fleet Vehicles at Tucson Regional Clean Cities Coalition Meeting

Arizona scheduled to receive nearly $57 million in Volkswagen (”VW”) Environmental Mitigation Trust Funds over the next 10 years for projects that reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in areas of the state significantly affected by diesel emissions.

CORONA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 23, 2018 / ADOMANI, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADOM),a provider of advanced zero-emission and hybrid vehicle drivetrain solutions and purpose-built electric vehicles, participated in the Tucson Regional Clean Cities Coalition Meetingheld at the Pima Association of Governments (PAG) on October 17, 2018. Jim Reynolds, President and CEO of ADOMANI®, presented information about advances in zero-emission fleet vehicles, commercial availability, state and federal funding resources and reasons to consider making transportation investment decisions from a total life-cycle cost perspective over the anticipated years of operation. Jim O’Connell, Sales Director for ADOMANI® and Arizona resident, who arranged for the event participation, was also on hand to discuss the positive environmental impacts that can result from the adoption of the zero-emission school buses and trucks with which ADOMANI® is involved, including benefits to drivers and passengers of the vehicles and the communities in which they operate.

The Clean Cities program managed by PAG encourages the use of clean fuels in local fleets and other vehicles and promotes the expansion of refueling infrastructure for these vehicles. It is a voluntary program of the U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities program and works with local businesses and governments through its Tucson Regional Clean Cities Coalition (TRCCC) to provide guidance on establishing a viable alternative fuels market. PAG believes these efforts can help reduce dependence on petroleum and advance our nation’s economic, environmental and energy security.

Pima County, which includes the City of Tucson, received a ”C” grade for High Ozone Days in the American Lung Association’s 2018 State of the Air Report, and neighboring Pinal County received an ”F” grade in the same category. According to a report by Bud Foster of Tucson News Now, who covered this event, some districts, such as Amphitheater and the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD), have started converting their fleets, though such conversion is a long, expensive project and, according to Foster, currently, 90 percent of the buses in TUSD’s fleet are still diesel or gasoline powered, a majority by diesel. “It’s difficult for them to put money into a new fleet or upgrading [sic] that fleet,” said Colleen Crowninsheld, the manager of TRCCC. Foster’s report also indicates that ”TUSD, like many districts, is facing a budget crunch which limits where money can be spent.” Crowninshield added, ”Now that we have the VW settlement funds coming through here, we have the opportunity for those districts to have financial assistance to move their fleet to cleaner, better fuels.”

In a 2017 article discussing the potential for the application of the State’s VW settlement funds toward new school buses, Daniel Scarpinato, a press aid to Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, was quoted as saying, ”The governor’s perspective, as it is really on most things involving the budget, is he wants to see as much of the dollars get to our K-12 system as possible.” Scarpinato continued, ”One need we know exists is that we have aging school buses and that there are school buses that need to and are going to be replaced. So we do see a potential nexus here where we could really help K-12 and our public schools deal with those issues and provide some additional dollars through this settlement.”

”Arizona is engaged, listening to key stakeholders and looking at cleaner transportation and energy options, and we want to continue be part of this transition,” said Jim Reynolds, President and CEO of ADOMANI®. Reynolds continued, ”Just last week, Arizona’s largest solar project for a school districtwent online. The project is said to consist of over 73,000 photovoltaic panels across 82 Tucson Unified School District school campuses and support facilities and will provide the district with 47% of its electricity needs. Just imagine having fleets of electric school buses transporting our children with renewable power generated from school sites – it just doesn’t get any better than that.”

KOLD News 13: ‘Cleaning’ up Tucson’s school buses article/video link:


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