Powered by ADOMANI® All American RE Electric Blue Bird School Bus Tour Heads to New York

A Behind-The-Wheel and Around-The-Bus Product Familiarization Opportunity for Student Transportation Professionals, Local Utility Companies, Clean-Air Agencies and Advocates

CORONA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 4, 2018 / ADOMANI, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADOM) announced today the April 10, 2018 ”Ride-and-Drive” event in New York for the Powered By ADOMANI™ All American RE Electric Blue Bird school bus. The event will be hosted by Bird Bus Sales and Service in Plainview, New York and is designed to build stakeholder familiarity with the newest product offering from Blue Bird Corporation that now qualifies for a New York Truck-Voucher Incentive Program (NYT-VIP) purchase incentive of $150,000 per bus. With decades of collective school bus marketing, sales and support experience, the staff of ADOMANI and Bird Bus Sales will be on hand to facilitate rides, field funding questions and discuss the order process. Over 1000 invitations have been sent out. Local utility companies have been invited to discuss infrastructure with invited school district officials, as well as best practices for charging and general planning consideration for wider electric vehicle adoption. Members of Congress and the U.S. Senate, state and local government officials and strong advocates of electric vehicles, the Clean Cities Coalition and the Sierra Club have also been invited to experience the Ride-and-Drive.

New York is home to the largest school district and largest school transportation department in the United States and operates a fleet of approximately 50,000 school buses.

A-Z Bus Sales, Inc. and ADOMANI hosted well attended Ride-and-Drive events in January for the Powered By ADOMANI™ All American RE Electric Blue Bird school bus in Bellflower, Upland, Bakersfield, Fresno, Sacramento, Fremont and San Diego, California. The electric school bus tour then moved on to other Blue Bird Dealers that hosted additional events; Bryson Sales & Service, Inc., with sales territory in Washington, Nevada, Idaho, and Utah; Canyon State Bus Sales, Inc.,Arizona sales territory; Colorado/West Equipment, Inc.,Colorado sales territory; And Cardinal Bus Sales and Service, Inc.,Ohio sales territory.

”Some 480,000 school buses carry 25 million children, overhalf of America’s schoolchildren, each day, making the school bus industry the largest form of mass transit in the United States. Estimates say each school bus on the road eliminates the pollution emitted from approximately 36 cars. Electric school buses provide a positive environmental impact,” Jim Reynolds, president and CEO of ADOMANI. ”With purchase incentives available for electric school buses in CaliforniaNew York and the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust funds on the horizon, the market for Electric School Buses is now and ADOMANI and our partners are ready to supply them.”

Purchase orders are being accepted now by Blue Bird dealers for thePowered by ADOMANI™ All American RE Electric Blue Bird School Bus for delivery later this year.


ADOMANI, Inc. is a provider of zero-emission electric and hybrid drivetrain systems for integration in new school buses and medium to heavy-duty commercial fleet vehicles, as well as re-power conversion kits for the replacement of drivetrain systems in combustion-powered vehicles. ADOMANI® is also a provider of new zero-emission electric and hybrid vehicles focused on reducing the total cost of vehicle ownership and helps fleet operators unlock the benefits of green technology and address the challenges of traditional fuel price instability and local, state and federal environmental regulatory compliance. For more information, visit www.ADOMANIelectric.com.

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